Stone pit in Barton where garnet is excavated. Garnet sand from Barton. A high-quality blast abrasive. Garnet sand is used for high-precision abrasive microwaterjet cutting The garnet is milled to differently sized granulated grain.

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Microwaterjet Garnet

Microwaterjet® Garnet is a high purity garnet sand which is preferably used for precision water jet cutting. Its surface texture and the achieved cutting speeds make Microwaterjet® Garnet the ideal abrasive for micro water jet technology.

Each grain has a unique structure which is why the fission of the crystals happens along the fracture line. In turn, very sharp edges are produced. As rock garnet crystals have sharper, square edges, the cutting speeds can be increased. Microwaterjet® Garnet is particularly used for challenging cutting work and guarantees minimal kerfs and clean, fine edges.

The dust level of this abrasive is extremely low thanks to the high degree of purity. This results in lower downtimes (less clogging), low-cost operation and easier removal.

All products are subject to strict quality assurance and inspection and comply with our high standards.

Product Lines


For the 0.2 system of the microwaterjet® CNC machining centre

Abrasive with particularly fine grain size for challenging cuts with very fine edges and minimal kerfs Used for composites, circuit boards and glass fibre cables


For the 0.3 system of the microwaterjet® CNC machining centre

Abrasive which, with its extremely fine grain size, provides cutting performance as perfectly as the SK11-200 (challenging cuts) with even cleaner edges – particularly for thin and medium materials, including metal, composites, ceramic and stone.


For the 0.5 system of the microwaterjet® CNC machining centre

The abrasive with the finest grain size for the perfect cut. The outstanding cutting performance results in the finest kerfs and provides maximum quality for the cut edges which makes any reworking unnecessary. SK11-500 cuts steel, glass, ceramic, laminate, composites and brittle materials and is also suitable for circuit boards and glass fibre cables.

Garnet sand from Barton is a blast abrasive with finely granulated grain.


The Barton Garnet is broken out of the rock and shows higher purity than the Almandite variant which is found, for example, in India or Australia. The hard, crystalline garnet ore is excavated from the open-cast mine and mechanically crushed before it is separated into specified types and grades.

A high purity, high quality concentrate is produced from the crushed raw material in a high technology mill in a multiple stage separation process without reworking.

In a further, specialised milling process, the concentrate is graded to the required grain size, handled and packaged.


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